Radiation Radiation
The Irish population is exposed to radiation from several sources, which are present either naturally in the environment or have been produced artificially by man.
By far the biggest proportion of our exposure to radiation comes from natural sources, particularly radon.
TestA short video from EPA explaining how to measure your home for Radon Gas.
How to test your home for Radon gas
FixA short video on how to fix a home or other building with high radon levels.
How to fix a home or other building with high radon levels
WhenA member of the public talks about discovering high levels and fixing the problem.
When did you first detect radon in your home?
RadonIn this clip from the Eco Eye Series Duncan Stewart shows how to test for Radon, the health effects and how to fix the problem.
LaunchMinister for the Environment, Phil Hogan TD launches the National Radon Control Strategy.
Launch of the National Radon Control Strategy
DosesThe EPA explains the sources of, and contribution to the total average radiation dose in Ireland.
Radiation doses received by the Irish population
EmergencyThe RPII has published the report on the potential Radiological impact on Ireland of new nuclear build in the UK.
RPII reports on risks to Ireland of planned new UK nuclear power plants